A tool to manage and simplify injury claims processes


Medatex is the leader of injury claim processing services on the Polish domestic market. They wanted to realize their mission of converting the latest knowledge and medical technology into value for insurance providers. The solution we delivered automates the processing of personal injury claims according to law and business regulations. It delivers analytical tools for claims adjusters, automates the process of judging the condition of the victim, the scale of damage suffered, and the amount of compensation.

Our task was not only to make a quality product, but to implement it in accordance with the old system, old database and a client who was accustomed to the old framework.

Thanks to the new usability and convenient user experience side, users engaged with the system very fast. Even nontechnical users could change the algorithm according to changes in the rules of information processing. This usability, “the process engine”, enables users to easily change the algorithm according to changes in law and other requirements with no interference in other parts of the system. Such usability makes the whole process flexible.

The company serves clients more effectively and delivers fast and accurate medical expertise. Feelings of modernity and comfort were brought to all groups of clients. Today, almost all domestic insurance providers take advantage of Medatex.