A web and mobile tool that helps physicians focus on patients


The iScribes team had one goal when they came to us – to revolutionize the way doctors interact with patients. They wanted to relieve physicians from a burden of EHR documentation and return attention to the patients, which both patients and doctors needed badly. Virtually no company on the American market provided a product or service that did this right, and there were good reasons why, including multiple technical barriers and limits, such as data security, network stability, fault tolerance and lack of devices with enough processing power and battery life. Many organizational obstacles also existed, such as integration with practice management systems, locked hospital information systems, and target users considered to be one of the most demanding groups. All of this sounded like a great challenge, which is why we were immediately and fully committed.

Along with the iScribes team, we embarked on a journey through unsettled waters of healthcare innovation. Within six months, we went from a “mission impossible” google glass prototype to a highly sophisticated solution for iPhone, with a handy control that was smartwatch based. It was a bumpy road full of challenges and sleepless nights, but was a road worth taking.

After six months, iScribes onboarded their first real users, and within nine months they had their first paying customers. Shortly after, iScribes successfully secured their first round of funding, which is not surprising at all given such a great team, product and huge market. We are proud to be part of such an outstanding story!