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Apzumi Digital Health

Web and mobile app development for healthcare, wellness and fitness

We developed over 50 digital health products:

Global Second Opinion

A web app which allows patients with a cancer diagnosis to get 2nd opinion, and consult their case with specialists from the world’s best hospitals.


Pregnancy, Birth and Baby growth monitoring mobile application


A mobile app that helps patient to track their progress with cardiac recovery


An application that allows you to find a support circle with people who share your problems and gives you a possibility for a quick consultation with a professional.


An approachable, easy to use telehealth application which allows you to contact with your doctors or patients.
Connect with each other through messages and video calls, and send and receive prescriptions!


Mobile application to track brain function at home! Verify your attention,
concentration, memory and cognitive control while enjoying our fun patent-pending game-like design


„Working with Apzumi was a breath of fresh air, after working with multiple development firms Apzumi quickly separated themselves with quick responses and great design.

I got a recommendation from someone I trust to work with Apzumi and have been grateful ever since.”


Sam Moen, 

Co-Founder & COO at MD Direct

„Lukasz and his team (specifically, Sebastian) have been extremely responsive to my requests and his products are of the highest quality. My research team at Duke University intends on using Lukasz’s company for all of our future IT-related projects. We thank them for their ongoing support!”


Sophia Smith, 

Associate Professor at Duke University

„We could not be happier with having chosen Apzumi for our project. The team has been fantastic, and I continue to be impressed with their ability to grasp our ideas, develop the prototype and deliver timely results. Their previous experience in the healthcare sector has been essential including their knowledge around patient data protection and medical data management. Virtual communications has been very easy and although we never met face to face, the project communication, responsiveness and feel of working as a team have been great. Excellent English language skills were a plus and time differrence was not an issue.”


Anna Orsola and Britta Lassmann, 

Founders at Global Second Opinion

„The company is made up of individual people. Over the past five years we have had the opportunity to create a product with a unique team that has contributed to the fact that today our company has gained exceptional value for investors.”


Robert Fedorowicz,

Founder at Saneo

„Apzumi was definitely a great enabler for Gubler to start our project and bring our prototype to life.”


Hector Gomez Espinosa,

CEO at Gubler

„Working with Apzumi on our app developments has been a pleasure. The employees are always professional and are eager to go above and beyond to suggest improvements and help the team at Bounty. The quality of the work and knowledge of the English language has always been high.”


Tanya Honey, 

Product Manager at Bounty

„Apzumi delivered numerous functional iterations of the app, providing full-stack development and testing for each. This allowed the internal team to collect user feedback to improve the next sprint. Communicative and reliable, they’re well-positioned for future work. Workflow was excellent. apzumi.communicated effectively and comprehensively.”


Baruch Sterman,


„Apzumi’s code and final deliverables are exceptional. Responsive and professional, the team maintains open lines of communication via Slack, Confluence, and Jira. Customers can expect a knowledgeable team that works hard to provide impactful solutions.”


Jared Sieling,

Chanl Health

„The quality of their work was always extremely satisfying. We kept a lot of it and got rid of a lot of it depending on what performed the best with our users, but it was never due to a flaw in their development. They always delivered exactly what we were looking for in terms of functionality.”


Aaron Rozzi,



„Lukasz and the Apzumi team have been excellent partners to work with. Over the course of several shifting demands and constraints they have helped to develop and refine our mental health startup/app and have done so with enthusiasm and a high degree of invaluable expertise. In my opinion Lukasz and the team he has constructed at Apzumi present an ideal opportunity for any startup looking to take their idea to implementation and beyond.”


Cavin Ward-Caviness,

Postdoctoral Researcher at Helmholtz Zentrum München


Thanks to our HealthTech expertise we guarantee best outcomes

Digital Health
and MedTech

In Apzumi we’ve designed and developed over 40 apps in Digital Health, MedTech, Wellness and Fitness and we do know specific of that user base. For the end-user, it’s critical if your app will be able to keep him engaged. We know how to achieve a high retention rate through the right design of UI/UX and implementation of mechanisms that keep motivation high.

Standards and

In HealthTech and MedTech development is crucial to follow necessary law regulations. HIPAA and GDPR are most important in regard to handling medical data. Certain rules of architecture, functionality, and security just must be known and implemented. Moreover, interoperability is critical in the health ecosystem and if you want to exchange medical data you have to follow well-defined standards like HL7 or FHIR.

+40 working apps
= tech skills

To help our customers we maintain a knowledge base of best practices and blueprints of most popular use cases that can be met in the health ecosystem. They cover telehealth scenarios, digital marketplaces, data, and image analysis applications just to name a few. It all serves our customers to deliver even better products and services.

Speed on

Our work methodology reflects the best practices of agile developments and it’s compliant with the quality and security requirements of the health market. Thanks to this our customers can benefit from faster development and lower risk without compromising regulatory standards. Our project managers and quality assurance experts are trained to be guards of those crucial aspects.

Supporter of
health innovations

We take an active role in the health ecosystem network. Thanks to our focus on Digital Health and MedTech projects we worked with great companies and partnered with dedicated organizations including many startup accelerators, national health services as well as foundations and associations.

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