Apzumi. Team of over 40 people that makes apps come true.



Skills: team building, business development, solving complex problems, high level IT strategy

Experience: Over 6 years in leading fast growing IT company, over 15 years of professional IT experience

Specialties: Industry 4.0, Digital Health, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality

Achievements: building Apzumi from 1 to over 50 employees in 5 years

Hobbies: Apzumi

Other say: visionary and innovator, daily generator of countless ideas, maestro of both technology and business


Project Manager

Skills: conducting multiple projects at the same time, flawless coordination of all aspects of projects, outstanding team motivator

Experience: scientist and owner of a bioinformatics company, over 5 years; project manager, over 5 years

Specialties: Medical Industry, Data Security, EHR Systems

Achievements: earned PhD degree at age of 30 and conducted 10 successful projects in Apzumi within one year

Personal notes: spends all her free time with her children

Hobbies: promoting and teaching Python programming language to women

Other say: Apzumi's smile generator, Hero PM, takes care


Project Manager

Skills: managing multiple projects from different industries in Agile approach, motivating members of the team, programming and data structure modeling

Experience: Java and J2EE Programmer, 5 years; Project Manager, 2 Years

Specialties: Insurance, Medical and Advertising Industries, and system that support sales, time and task management

Achievements: independently conducted two midsize projects - one in the Construction Industry and one in the TV Industry

Personal notes: happy husband and father

Hobbies: carpentry, volleyball, football

Our core values guide us in all we do.


Your success is our success.
Honesty, commitment and the ability to take mutual risk.


You deserve nothing less than the highest quality. Our passion delivers the best results and leaves no room for cost-cutting.


Your growth is proactively developed when we take the initiative in suggesting creative ideas to move your business ahead. Your R&D is safe in our hands, where our employees continuously develop their professional and personal development.

We all would like to meet you, visit our office and meet the rest